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The Top 10 Best Sex Toys For Women In 2022 – Reviews & Best Prices Online


Vibrating Panties with Remote

Its no coincidence that Lush” rhymes with gush,” because thats exactly what youll be doing. The xinghaoya is one of those U-shaped womens vibrators that pinpoints the g-spot.


Meanwhile, the smooth silicone covering also targets your clit for dual stimulation controlled via wireless remote.

So, if you cant find a reason to gush for the Lush then you need to hush. The rest of us are getting off.


PRO: The shaft is flexible so you can stick it in any way you like.

Luxurious and lovely, the Lelo Insignia Soraya is a classy girlsbest friend. Encased in a sleek and seductive silicone body, this fabulous rabbit vibe features a 5-inch insertable shaft and a tiny nub to stimulate your clitoris simultaneously. 

With two motors that work individually to create a fully customizable experience, users can freely explore the 8 vibration settings or set the convenient travel lock for easy and discreet access to orgasms abroad. 

The device is USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof so no need to stop for cleanliness when youre getting dirty. 

The shaft is perfectly rounded for all body types and you get 4 hours of play time with every 2-hour charge, not to mention a little sample of personal lubricant with every purchase.

PRO: Each device comes with an unheard of 10-year warranty registration card. 

CON: The included satin storage bag is good for discretion but wont keep the toy secured, protected or intact. Invest in something else.

Inspired by the author of the groundbreaking series, the Greedy Girl Power Motion Thrusting Rabbit is a vibrator made for fiction.

It features 15 different satisfying settings, with 12 designated just for the vibrations alone. The other three control the motion speeds of the thruster, and together, they provide internal/external delights.

It’s no coincidence that “Lush” rhymes with “gush,” because that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. The Lovense Lush is one of those U-shaped women’s vibrators that pinpoints the g-spot.

Meanwhile, the smooth silicone covering also targets your clit for dual stimulation controlled via wireless remote. There’s even an app for long-distance partner play and customizable settings to explore on the database.

So, if you can’t find a reason to gush for the Lush then you need to hush. The rest of us are getting off.

PRO: The shaft is flexible so you can stick it in any way you like.

CON: The wireless remote control is your phone, so you better have one.

The popularity of rose toy seems to make some users or ignore its practicality, many users complain that the first generation of the rose toy can not make them experience orgasm, so we have upgraded it.

Xinghaoya has not only been deeply optimized on the rose end to make it work more stronger, but also added a retractable vibrating egg to stimulate the G-spot, which fundamentally increases its practicality.

With a soft touch, allowing you to feel the whip in your hand. Your partner is calling you, so whip them into shape with this whip vibrator. Get your bondage on with this vibrating whip. The Whip is the perfect tool for any Domme to have in her arsenal. This whip has two ends that are designed to pleasure you or your partner in the right way. You know you want it.

It is a professional-grade rabbit vibrator with a larger size and dual strong vibration motors, suitable for high-end female masturbation use. If you cannot satisfy your existing sex toys, it is undoubtedly your absolute choice.

Once, twice, three times a lady. The Happy Rabbit Triple Curve gives it to you multiple ways to maximize pleasure and ensure a tailored experience.

This device combined internal stimulation with two different types of external massage. And the curved shaft targets the g-spot while extra thick rabbit ears tickle the clit.

Meanwhile, there’s a separate pole for anal pegging that features undulating beads.

So, that means you can enjoy blended orgasms in countless combinations. Who said math wasn’t fun?

PRO: You can pinpoint your g-spot and p-spot simultaneously.

CON: It’s hard to use this device if you don’t want to try butt stuff tonight.

Who says you have to be in a relationship to feel some good D? The Vixen Johnny VixSkin Dildo is single and he’s looking for a partner like you.

This 7-inch dong is made from 100% platinum silicone with zero pores, which means it stays way cleaner than your last man’s wiener.

It’s great for all types of penetration, even the kind that your ex wouldn’t do. And with a solid inner core, you never have to hear the old “This never happens to me” excuse again.

PRO: The flat non-slip base makes it perfect for pegging and fantasy fulfillment.

CON: You have to purchase a separate O-ring with a 1.75-inch diameter to use this one with a harness.

You’ve probably heard of the We-Vibe brand by now. They’re the ones with the vast XXX platform called “We-Connect.”

That platform helps users control their toys and experience fantastic pleasures. And that’s exactly what it does for the Nova 2. This reinvented sex stick features a flexible arched arm and adjustable settings to help you customize from the front end.

Meanwhile, the intuitive app lets you or your partner play with the possibilities on-demand. It’s like the future if now, and you’re about to cum all over it.

PRO: You can charge it up relatively quickly because of its super powerful battery.

CON: The length and width might not be suitable for all body types.

This is one of the first wireless vibrating wands on the market, which makes it a popular option for gals on the go.

However, that’s not why so many women love playing with it. The Magic Wand lives up to its name, with a robust rounded tip and a flexible head to help target the sweet spot.

Plus, you get four different speeds and four distinct vibrating patterns to explore. So, take the MW anywhere for on-demand fun.

After all, it’s USB rechargeable and even features a travel lock.

PRO: The harder you push down on the top, the more powerful the motors become.

CON: You can’t enjoy penetration with this toy because it’s for external use only.

What Is a Female Sex Toy ?

Discovering the perfect product requires some knowledge and insight, not just a few recommendations and a customer review or two.

If I had a penny for every time I caught someone searching for the wrong toy because they didn’t know any better, I’d be a full-fledged millionaire with a matching attitude.

It’s important to know what you’re dealing with because, like I said, the market has expanded in every direction to accommodate the tastes of the individual.

The fact that you’re forced to do your homework should be overshadowed by the fact that your sex and masturbation game is now more customizable than ever.

With that said, let’s begin by defining what a female sex toy is (and isn’t). In general, genital penetration devices and/or clitoral stimulation apparatuses are considered sex toys for the female form.

However, anal playthings and products made specifically for certain erogenous zones can be classified as a female sex toy if they’re used on a woman’s body.

On the other hand, sex toys for women are usually designed and used to produce orgasmic pleasure through vaginal, clitoral and/or nipple stimulation only.

Some of the more innovative manufacturers have started making toys with multi-function features, but those complex devices will probably never take the place of the classics like the dildo, the vibrator, the pussy pump or the clit sucker.

Speaking of which, it’s also important to know the 7 basic types of female sex toys so you can distinguish between the items you’re finding and the items you need.

Keep in mind that some of the following “marital aids” can be classified as unisex or appropriate for the gay community.

However, these toys or the OGs of forced female orgasm – the timeless pieces, the mainstays, the little black dresses of the bedroom. Know them, love them, stock up on them because there once was a time when none of this even existed:

  • Dildos

Dildos make up a large portion of the modern-day female sex toy market, especially since they’re one of the oldest self-pleasure tools to be invented. In fact, archaeologists have uncovered thousands of ancient stone and chalk relics carved into the shape of a penis.

Obviously, people have been able to appreciate the properties of this well-formed phallus for centuries.

Today’s dildos may not be made out of organic materials anymore, but they’re still designed to produce the same great pleasures that our gender and culture have come to know and love.

Some dildos are less realistic than others, yet the main purpose is always apparent: To stimulate the g-spot through penetration and/or sensual thrusting. Some things never get old.

  • Vibrators

Second only to dildos, vibrators add an extra punch of pleasure to an already terrific sex toy. There are many types of vibrators for women, but the two most common options are vibrating dildos and insertable bullets.

Both have their place in the contemporary girl’s bedroom, but they do very different things.

Vibrators attached to dildos require thrusting and penetration, while bullets can be inserted into the vagina and operated externally through a remote control.

There are specialized vibrators for clitoral stimulation as well. Known as a “rabbit” vibe, these female sex toys jiggle and joust your clit while often being integrated into a full-sized dildo for dual pleasure potential.

Certain things are just fundamentally awesome; so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • Clitoral Stimulators

Classified separately from general vibrators because vibe-based toys can be used either internally or externally, clitoral stimulators are for external use only and for a good reason.

Made to force a clitoral orgasm and/or gushing ejaculation (AKA: squirting), these finely tuned female sex toys “float your boat” in a more literal way than most women realize.

Today’s manufacturers utilize a variety of techniques to get that job done too, from integrating simple vibrations or suction to using more high-tech methods like sonic waves and motion-sensing controls.

And while most clit stimulators can’t be linked or synced with another sex toy, contemporary designers have started incorporating the clit-stim idea into the concepts when making other things like dildos, vibrators and anal pleasure devices.

  • Pussy Pumps

Similar to suction-based clitoral stimulators but not nearly the same thing, pussy pumps are more about enhancing pleasure potential than they are about producing it.

Yes, a pussy pump can get you off if you enjoy the sensations, but the main idea is for the device to increase blood flow to the vagina so that it swells and becomes more sensitive to the touch.

Not only is a swollen vagina more attractive to some partners but it also makes orgasm far more intense without the user needing medicinal or topical intervention of any other kind.

Best of all, these sexy self-improvement machines are shaped exclusively for the female form and can usually be closely customized to the size of your body as well.

  • Chastity Devices

Popular in the bondage and dominance communities, female chastity devices are a one-of-a-kind type of sex toy that often requires a specific sexual appetite to enjoy.

Designed to prevent the wearer from being sexually pleasured in any way, BDSM CDs cause zero pain outside of the torture of longing and frustration.

There’s been a bit of a crossover from the bondage scene to the mainstream in the last few years though, as chastity devices for women are now viewed as a sensual and empowering device that can either establish and support the confines of a trusted relationship or provide the wearer with additional security and control during perilous or tempting times.

It’s all about the pussy power, girls; and sometimes it’s about what you don’t have to offer.

  • BDSM Torture Tools

There’s a relatively small yet equally enticing category of female sex toys that every lady should be aware of. BDSM torture tools can be extremely stimulating if you use them right, so don’t let the word “torture” throw you off.

Think instead of devices such as pussy clamps, feather ticklers, whips and floggers.

Those things have the power to torture your body in a million different ways, so open your mind and entertain the idea of being teased and/or punished into submission. An obedient and involuntarily humbled girl can make the right partner jizz in their pants.

The female ass is good for more than just looking at and the modern sex toy industry is well aware of that (finally). Ladies now have access to things like anal beads and butt plugs, giving a much-deserved rise and respect to back door stimulation in the hen house.

Anal beads feature a series of undulating balls that should be inserted and removed in a rapid motion.

Butt plugs, on the other hand, are made to stay put during singular and/or dual penetration. As it turns out, the ladies not only have an orgasm and a clitoris (that’s right guys, we have a clit…find it), we also have a pleasure zone in our anal cavity just like the men.

By the way, many of them are just now discovering their own p-spot, so let’s give them some time to catch up.

Trust me when I say that knowing all of this has a very worthy purpose. Realizing your options and understanding what each one does can help you determine which product to add to your collection no matter what stage of life you’re on.

What I mean is that your experience level doesn’t affect the fact that certain truths never fail. Appreciate the market influx but always keep one eye open for new developments.

I’d hate for you to become a know-it-all and miss out on something great. I’ll keep you posted if I find anything, and you do the same. Deal?

how to choose sex toys ?

Today our theme is to tell you how to choose a reliable female vibrator. As a 10-year adult product practitioner, I have the following points to share with you:

1. Product quality. The product quality I am talking about here is not just the reliability of the vibrator's own function. This is the most basic and most important is the reliability of the material. Almost all products sold on major e-commerce platforms are Tell you clearly that their products are skin-friendly silicone and food-grade silicone, but is it really the case?clearly not!maybe the product you are using is produced by a couples in a small assembly workshop, they are not so high security awareness.

2. Product technology. What we are talking about here are product design and structure. Sexual needs are one of our emotional needs. Often weird things will stimulate our sexual desire, but things with strange design may not be conducive to cleaning. Similarly, the complicated structure also means cleaning problems for secondary use. Improper will certainly breed bacteria, which will lead to health risks.

3, product styles, as mentioned earlier, the various styles of products on the market are dazzling, for ordinary consumers, many times may be a product that just looks pleasing to the eye and chooses to buy, you just seeing the business shooting and processing that you bought the picture, but when you experienced it for myself, you found that it was not practical. To put it bluntly, they are hard to make you orgasm.

4, product color, this is more subjective, different people like different colors, but color is indeed an important factor that makes your sexual desire fluctuate.

The above should be the most intuitive factors affecting reliability. So, what should you choose when buying? Based on experience, we give the following suggestions:

1. See if the silicone material has a strange smell. If there is an abnormal smell, it means that the material contains certain chemical components, which may cause a certain degree of threat and harm to your body.

2. Try not to choose products with some wrinkle appearances because they are very difficult to clean. Don't mistakenly think that products with certain wrinkles can increase the stimulation of sensitive parts. They are just hotbeds for bacteria;

3. If the funds are not so tight, please choose a high-end product. This is not to say that the quality is good when the price is high, but please believe that you get what your pay for. We are very clear about what is behind the price-winning products!

4. Choose our all-in-one full silicone products. Although here there is a strong advertising suspicion, I must tell you its benefits. Our products are completely covered by silicone, there are no dead ends, and they are integrated into one piece. It is very easy to clear. Far more than simple materials and processes, otherwise any business can do it. If you choose any of the products of the brand xinghaoya, you have a one-year quality assurance service. Our official website is, you can also search for xinghaoya on google, and then enter our official website to buy. Contact us at any time and we will serve you warmly!

Women’s Sex Toy FAQ

How Do You Clean a Dildo or Vibrator?

It’s easy to clean a dildo, especially if it features non-porous materials.

However, each device is different.

So, always check the owner’s manual for specific instructions regarding safety and maintenance.

In general, you’ll only have to wash the exterior with warm water and a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic soap.

Then, let your toy dry in the open air before returning it to storage. And if you use your dildo for anal play, always clean it thoroughly with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner.

NOTE: Remember to clean your stuff before and after each use to remove airborne debris and bacteria.

What Kind of Lube Should I Be Using?

You can choose any type of lube that suits your tastes. But it’s crucial to keep everything compatible.

So, if your toy is made of silicone, don’t use silicone lubricants. Silicone-on-silicone can compromise the integrity of your toy.

However, oil-based varieties aren’t always good either. Oil-based lubes can stain fabrics and are hard to rinse.

So, stick with water-based formulas if you can. Water-based lubricants are safe for all skin types and they won’t mess up your device’s materials either.

As always, check the owner’s manual for more specific suggestions.

Is There a Specific Way to Store a Device Like This?

There is no special way to store a female pleasure product other than to keep it out of harm’s way.

Read your owner’s manual to find out how the manufacturer intended you to store it. And in the meantime, keep your stuff out of direct sunlight and away from extremely hot/cold temperatures.

Also, don’t let it get exposed to moisture even if it’s 100% waterproof.

That’s because water is a breeding ground for bacteria. So, your device could function perfectly and still be dangerous to use if you store it incorrectly.

Can I Get Hurt While Masturbating?

Yes, you can hurt yourself while masturbating with a battery-powered plaything.

For example, if you use the wrong lube you could develop a rash.

Furthermore, dirty devices may lead to more serious concerns. And if you get your stuff wet when it’s not supposed to be, there’s also a risk of electrocution.

So, always read the owner’s manual for safety precautions. And look for a warranty from the manufacturer just in case something outside your control goes wrong.


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